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Core Design Impact is a leading full service architectural and engineering firm that focuses on achieving success in economic and community developments by investigating the spatial habits and needs of its users. We strive to engage on issues that address urban fabric, city density, environmental impact, and human social context. We understand the design process and manage every aspect of the project from programming through construction and collaborate with general contractors early in design to maintain best building practices and project budget. Our keen interest in the end-user has rendered affordable, high quality client driven products and continues to create long lasting client relationships.



Core Design Impact is a distinguished true one-stop turnkey firm. With our in-house project management services, we are able to enhance the client experience and streamline communication between the client, project manager, architect, and engineering consultants. With this one firm business model approach and professionals strategically working in their expertise the delivery of quality design within project budget is achieved. The clients and industries we serve recognize CDI as a forefront leader in cultivating innovative high performance spaces that capture imaginations and transform the built environment.

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